We serve the children by committing ourselves to these values:

  • We commit to God’s word as guide and standard.
  • We treat all children the same as created and loved by God.
  • We maintain a servant heart in all we do.
  • We manage God’s resources with faithfulness and integrity.
  • We pursue excellence.
  • We believe in empowering the marginalised to a just and equal society.
  • We believe change must happen at a local level- responsibility is with the people.
  • We believe active participation of beneficiaries is critical for sustainability.
  • We believe partnerships with local and international organisations ensure lasting impact.
  • We believe capacity building will multiply small efforts in many ways.
  • We believe dedicated teamwork requires openness, integrity, commitment and hard work.
  • We believe our staff, volunteers and all key actors should actualise these principles in all they do.

We're a Christian charity that unashamedly works with vulnerable slum children and their families – whatever their religion or background – because we believe God loves them and that He is their best hope for a better future.