There are lots of ways you can support us with a one-off donation - your giving goes a long way in Uganda and really does make a difference. If you'd prefer to make a regular monthly donation, please click here.
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  • Donate to Child of Hope

    Donate to Child of Hope

    To give any amount to support the work of Child of Hope, please donate here. Your money will be immediately allocated to the most urgent need.


  • Hot meals

    Hot meals

    We provide a hot, nourishing meal for every child in the school, plus breakfast for the poorest kids in most need.


  • School books

    School books

    Books are making a huge difference to the lives of our slum kids, who – with a good education – will eventually have the chance to step out of poverty by getting a good job.


  • New shoes for five children

    New shoes for five children

    We regularly buy new shoes for all our children – they get through them pretty fast! And barefoot they can pick up all kinds of injuries and disease.


  • Business start-up grant

    Business start-up grant

    Give a family the start they need for sustainable income. This enables mums of our pupils to provide for their families. Includes basic business and financial training, with ongoing support.


  • Teacher’s salary

    Teacher’s salary for a month

    As the school expands, we will employ more and more teachers. With your help, we can continue to provide a high-quality education in the middle of terrible poverty.


  • Sponsor a child’s education

    Sponsor a child’s education for a year

    Provides a nursery or primary school child with all necessary resources. We will send you regular information on your child’s progress, letters and photos.



Gift Aid: any Gift Aid recovered from your kind donations will go into the Child of Hope operational funds and be used for the most urgent need.

Here's a thought... would your employer match your donation? Many companies and organisations have a matching donation programme, often matching your donation pound for pound... or at even higher levels. Simply have a chat with your employer and see if they can help. Also see: