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Child of Hope school in Uganda enjoys long-term cultural links with various schools in the UK and we have produced a series of resources suitable for the classroom and projects. We also offer plenty of communication between the schools and a visit from one of our frontline Ugandan directors (at least once a year) for assemblies and/or classroom sessions. New videos, photographs, games, songs and other resources are regularly added. Our nursery and primary sections are roughly the same ages as the UK's first and middle schools.

The difference between western and African schools is vast... as is the difference in lifestyle of the pupils. And that gap is about as big as it can get when you see the lives of children living in the desperately poor Namatala slum in eastern Uganda. We'd love to help UK teachers show their pupils what good development in needy countries looks like.

With our resources DVD, you can help the children in your school to reflect on their own sense of community and the responsibilities which go alongside their rights as citizens – and compare this with the children who attend Child of Hope School in the Namatala slum in Mbale, Uganda. Then see how the children there have the same needs, likes, dislikes, hopes and dreams as children in your school. It will help your pupils to consider their own feelings and emotions as well as that of children living in poverty. Could be a great discussion on the way children learn and play... looking for the similarities as well as the differences.

St_Mary_Yr4_web.jpgIf you'd like to talk about a global link between your school and ours, please get in contact. We will gladly discuss any specific requirement you may have for resources.  Or in Ireland, please e-mail our Dublin teamThanks!

For a quick taster, watch some of our videos and see some of our images from the Namatala slum.