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Latest view of the school building

Posted on December 29, 2011


Here's the current state of the school building during the construction of the next floor... looks a bit untidy but all the wooden supports (the usual form of African construction for modern buildings) is where the new first floor is currently being built.

Further building works are on hold until finances arrive to fund the concrete slab that will form the floor of the second floor and the ceiling to the first floor.

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The Christmas party

Posted on December 23, 2011

Kids_and_their_bottles_of_soda.jpgBex reports the Christmas party was AWESOME! She said... "We had three tents (marquees) by the school – 2 for parents (over 200) and 1 for the children, plus some VIP guests..  

We started with presentations from various groups: a couple of Christmas songs from the nursery choir (sweet!) – the little guys wearing the tinsel round their necks.  I’m still not quite sure why ‘Joseph’ was brandishing a baseball bat – but I guess Mary’s security was assured! 

We also had a drama of the nativity story by the primary school team, complete with Mary, an Angel (wearing the obligatory bed sheet – flapping around), Joseph, a donkey (I’m still not sure which child got the short straw for the donkey character!), shepherds, King Herod and his security team, some wise men (all our children are wise, of course!) and a bunch of miscellaneous creatures around the manger.  No children or animals were harmed in the making of this production I’m pleased to say!  We had a couple of songs from the primary choir and also a choreographed dance to the song ‘Light of the World’.  

The parents then had their turn – the mothers from the literacy and health groups formed a choir (the mothers in the long stripey skirts) and also gave a short drama about the importance of family planning (I suppose family planning fits into the Christmas theme in a ‘divine’ sort of way!).  Not to be outdone, the Karamajong parents also formed a choir (these are the very colourful ladies with a couple of guys with feathers in their hair) who had us all jumping up and down like lunatics (some of us nearly had heart attacks in the heat!). There was a very amusing moment when Pastor Philip went ‘head to head’ with one of the other K’jong dads to see who could jump the highest!  

After all that frivolity we had lunch (beef stew, rice, vegetables plus a bottle of soda each) and there was more than enough to go round – making it possible to feed all those community members who were stood outside the fencing looking in!  After lunch we had speeches and then moved on to presentation of certificates and gifts for the parents who had ‘graduated’ from their classes (health, literacy, IGA). The IGA woman of the year was Maria and you can see her receiving her gift of a mattress from the RDC. 

After the parents, the children received their awards (best in class, etc) and then Father Christmas arrived!  All the COH children received gifts (clothes and sweets) from Santa. Some of the donated clothes were too small to fit our nursery children so Santa was able to bless some of the little kids from the surrounding community.

After all that, everyone went home (the children happy, the staff exhausted!) and the COH team prepared themselves for their own, well deserved staff Christmas party the following day. We all trooped off for a slap up buffet lunch and some silly games prepared by Martin.

And now we are on official holidays!"

You can see some pictures by clicking here.


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Thank you... you made sure it will happen!

Posted on December 16, 2011

christmas_2010_053.jpgA huge thanks to all you wonderful supporters who donated to the Christmas Party appeal... the event will take place on December 21.

Apologies for everyone who donated by text - we have been unable to obtain specific records from JustTextGiving, so we weren't able to write to you and thank you. But you know who you are... and thank you too!

After the event we'll post up some pictures of the children - like this one from last year - tucking into their Christmas dinner and generally having a whale of a time!

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Join the Christmas party!

Posted on December 1, 2011

Christmas.jpgFestive greetings to all our wonderful supporters!

During December, the Child of Hope school will provide all its pupils with a special Christmas party, including a great meal, a gift, sweets and clothing. It's a terrific event that brings a lot of happiness to the children – and they can bring a parent along too.

It all costs around £3.50 per child... so here's a thought... would you like to join the party by helping fund it? You could buy it for yourself, or pay for a friend!

Any donations would be helpful, small or large, and we'll e-mail you a ‘thankyou’ card to print out and pop on your mantlepiece with all your other Christmas cards!

It's easy to do... simply:

1. Click here to go to our online donations page, where you can donate through PayPal, either with a PayPal account or by credit/debit card.

2. Complete the section called Support Child of Hope, then simply follow the secure procedure. 

3. When you see the message box, state your donation is to join the Christmas party!

Or, now you can donate by text! Simply text CHPE07 £….. (£3, £4, £5 or £10) to 70070.

Alternatively, feel free to post us a cheque to Child of Hope, 35 Roman Road, Broadstone, BH18 9DG.

Many thanks, and have a great Christmas!


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Fundraising auction/dinner 2012

Posted on November 8, 2011

Darren_Lewis.jpegJust announced… Child of Hope’s very own charity auction and dinner, hosted by sports journalist Darren Lewis.

A football writer for the Daily Mirror for ten years, Darren is a regular on the Premier League, Champions League and International Beat… plus Sky Sports News as well as radio stations TalkSPORT and Five Live, and occasional appearances on GMTV. He is named among the 50 most influential black people in the game

The event will raise thousands of pounds to help finish the construction of the Child of Hope School. Big thanks to Alan and Diane Aylett for organising it!

Lots will include:
• A pair of Gareth Bales' football boots, signed,
• A signed cricket bat by england 20/20 captain Paul Collingwood,
• Full day VIP racing at Newbury, for two people, inc food and parking,
• Signed football shirt from Tottenham Hotspur FC,
• Full day cricket at the Rose Bowl, for two people, inc parking.

Click here for more details.

Click here for online ticket sales.

Date: April 21, 6.30pm for 7pm 3-course dinner

Venue: St Leonards Hotel, Ferndown, Dorset, BH24 2NP

Cost: £20 per person


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Les on Namatala

Posted on November 4, 2011

Les Sherlock – our sponsorship co-ordinator (and Bex's dad) is currently in Mbale visiting Bex and Moses with Gill, his wife. He posted this on facebook...

"Here in Mbale, Uganda, it's a real mixture of emotions. On one hand we are really excited by the huge support now being given by Emerging World and Ernst and Young for Child of Hope. If we can put into place some of their suggestions, it will significantly help the growth of what Bex and Moses are doing here.

"On the other hand, seeing the desperate conditions in which many people live is heart-breaking. And travelling around with Bex and seeing the daily frustration of inefficient services, etc, and watching her having to make difficult decisions about who receives the finite financial help they can give and who doesn't: I don't know how she does it!

"But on the whole it is a wonderful privilege to be able to see the daily miracles God is working to bring relief to at least some people in this large and very needing community. For those who do, please continue to pray for Bex and Moses and the team out here: for wisdom, for resources and for their own protection. Many thanks."


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Slum_1458.jpgWe've just added two great new videos to our YouTube channel. You'll see scenes of the Namatala slum – described as one of the poorest places on the earth – and how Child of Hope is setting up long-term programmes to fight poverty for children and their families. Click on the titles below...

• Visit Namatala slum

• Child of Hope's work in the Namatala slum




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New home for vulnerable girls

Posted on October 14, 2011

Serious news with a happy ending... staff at the Child of Hope school identified three young girls who urgently needed a home ... one is in danger of being sexually abused, one is in danger of being beaten to death and one was left on her own when her mother ran away. This was a big problem for us ... setting up a home is no small thing - it's long term and there's no social services here to step in and help! However, a wonderful friend of ours heard about the problem and has stepped in to fund the home.

This is almost a repeat of how our boys' home started a little while ago - and that is continuing to provide security and love for a handful of lads who would have been out on the street.

More information and pictures soon.

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Burns victims: an update

Posted on October 5, 2011

Bex and Moses have sent us a report on Alice and Maria, the children many of you helped with medical bills, when they received terrible burns injuries a little while ago. 

Both had third degree burns and went through a long and slow process to recovery, but they are both now back at school. Your timely donations were awesome and without them, the girls would have struggled with terrible pain and infections. Thank you so much!

Anyway, you can read the full update by downloading the one-page PDF report here.


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Big success from the IGA project

Posted on October 3, 2011

At a time when many families in the Namatala slum are slipping deeper and deeper into poverty, this lady has demonstrated dedication, hard work and enterprise –  and has started building her own home outside the slum. All made possible by a grant to help her start a business. 

Maria is a widow who has lived for many years in the Namatala slum. Despite poor health, she cares for her elderly mother and her sister’s four children, as well as her own two children.

Two years ago, we gave Maria a grant of £20, which she used to register to work at a rice-sorting factory. It’s back-breaking work and she receives a small quantity of poor quality rice as payment. But here’s the good bit. Enterprisingly, Maria makes this rice into small cakes, which she bakes and then carries to sell to children at local schools.

 Every week she deposits part of her hard-earned income into the Child of Hope savings scheme. Finally, she had saved enough to start to realise her dream for a better life for her and the children – and she was able to start building her own house on her own tiny piece of land across the river, outside the slum.

She still has a long way to go, as the house still needs plastering (£150), a proper floor (£50) and a decent toilet (£50), but she has now used up almost all of her savings.  It will probably take her at least another two years to save the money that she requires.

As she stands outside her new house, Maria turns to us and tells us, “One day, all of us will move into this house and we will be able to grow our own food and to have a goat and some chickens…”  If you’d like to make a donation to help her family, please visit our donation shop and complete the ‘Support Child of Hope’ section, then, during the PayPal process, click ‘add special instruction to merchant’ to tell us the money is for Maria.


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