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Rising stars

Posted on September 26, 2011

Last term, nursery headteacher Scovia decided to give four of her best pupils in top class the Primary 1 end of term exams and they did brilliantly! So this term they are being trialled in P1 to see how they do. If they keep up with the others, then they’ll be promoted to P2 next year with the other P1 children.

So big congratulations to Agnes Ikiyai, Joseph Lokuma, Margret Watera, Paul Achia – we hope you get on really well! 


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Two new videos

Posted on August 24, 2011

On our YouTube page, you'll find two new videos: one of the children doing a blindfold game, and the other with some info on our income generating activities – you'll tour some of the Namatala slum and see some of the ladies at their places of work.
Click to watch the videos:
Blindfold game
Income generating activities



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Six of the best!

Posted on August 8, 2011


Here are some interesting facts about Child of Hope, which came to light after Bex's letter to the Daily Mail... which made about half a page!Fact_6.jpg

1. More than 100% of your donation reaches the children.

2. None of your donation will be syphoned off by corrupt dictators.

3. If you sponsor a child's education, it can become personal.

4. We won’t keep increasing the cost of education sponsorship.

5. School staff, builders… everyone we hire lives in the Namatala slum, the area we serve.

6. We don't bombard you with appeals for money!

For explanation on all of these... click here.

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School_phase_2.pngThere is a new Child of Hope video on our YouTube page. It's Bex and Moses' first video and they’ve done a great job. OK… the volume’s bit quiet, but it shows great views of the new first floor being built on top of the existing ground floor!

Well worth a look… click here to watch it.



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2nd_quarter_newsletter_2011-1.jpgWe’ve received the latest newsletter from Bex and Moses - full of the latest news and information direct from the team in Mbale. To download a PDF… please click here.  

The building work on the school’s first floor is now well under way and will be completed in 3 mini-stages: 

1.  We’ve almost completed the first one – brickwork up to ring beam with columns. 

2.  Putting the ceiling (slab) on – lots of bars and cement. This will hopefully take place during the Christmas holidays.  

3. Finishing – which includes doors, windows and plastering. This can probably be done throughout next year or whenever the money is available as the ground floor can be in use while this work is carried out.    

The ground floor is complete, except for flooring and electrics, and we’re happy to wait until the building is finished for that. 

 The current work on the first floor will cost a total of £38,000 – and with all the wonderful donations received over the last few months (thank you!) – we just need a further £17,000 to complete it.

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Mayoral visit

Posted on July 26, 2011

Ferndown_mayor_at_car_boot_711.JPGCouncillor John Muggleton, Mayor of Ferndown, Dorset, visited our friends Alan and Diane Aylett when they took a stand at the town car boot sale... raising funds for Child of Hope. Thanks Alan and Diane for all you are doing!

If you'd like to help with any fundraising, click here to see the free resources that are available to you... or contact the Child of Hope office and we'll be very happy to talk through your ideas.



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Hellen's story... an update

Posted on July 22, 2011


Remember Hellen? She's the girl suffering with extremely limited eyesight and had to go off to a specialist school. Here's the latest...

Hellen is due to come back to Namatala in just a few weeks for the school holidays – and no doubt she’s going to have lots of stories for all her friends here. 
Hellen came to us when she was just six years old and already suffering with eyesight problems. She’d had an eye infection in one eye – something which could have easily been solved with some eye ointment. Instead she was taken to the local witch doctor who rubbed herbs directly onto both eyeballs. She immediately went blind in one eye and had reduced sight in the other. Hellen’s a pretty determined kid and was still desperate to go to school so we decided to bring her onto the Child of Hope programme.
To start with she was managing quite well, but as she grew the scarring on her one seeing eye increased and her performance started to deteriorate. After many appointments with local eye surgeons around eastern Uganda, it became clear that there was nothing that could be done to save her sight and it became apparent that at Child of Hope we didn’t have the facilities or expertise to be able to give Hellen the help she really needed. 

So in March this year we sent Philip (who heads up our welfare team) to the nearest school for visually impaired children (in Soroti – 2 hours drive from Mbale) where he was impressed with the facilities and the kindness that was on offer there. One problem – it’s expensive! At Child of Hope we can educate and look after a child for around £10 to £12 per month. The school in Soroti with all of the extra transport, etc, was going to need around £25 per month. At that time Hellen didn’t have a sponsor so Bex decided to send an email out to friends to see if anyone wanted to help out. Within 24 hours a reply came back – a wonderful group in Lytchett Matravers, Dorset, had just been thinking about sponsoring a child and this was the perfect opportunity! Thank you for your huge support and kindness to Hellen.
Despite missing the first term of the year, the Soroti school was very happy for Hellen to start in the 2nd term and so all the various items were purchased and packed (uniform, toiletries, books, bedding, etc) including an enormous teddy bear her sponsors had sent over for her! Hellen was a little nervous at first, leaving behind the only place she had ever known – Namatala. But with lots of encouragement she got on the bus with one of our staff and went on her way. Our welfare staff have been to visit Hellen twice since then and every time they’ve been amazed at how happy and outgoing she is. She’s made lots of new friends and is really enjoying every moment in her new school. The matron who looks after the children in the boarding home is sweet and gentle – a great mother for her while she’s away from home.

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