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2015 findings come from the UN Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organisation (Unesco) estimate that 68% of children in Uganda who enrol in primary school are likely to drop out before finishing the prescribed seven years.

Child of Hope has recognised the problem from day 1 and provides free education to the poorest families in the Namatala slum… because their kids have absolutely no hope of going to school.

The result has been stunning… only 18 children have dropped out in the seven years since we first started our school… that’s just 4.5%. A lot better than the national 68%. So thank you for your amazing support – it is clearly impacting a lot of children! 

Out of those 18 children, two have actually gone missing from home… run away, kidnapped or worse. Nine moved away with their families and (we believe) are now in other schools. Seven children left because their families were moving back to their village homes for economic reasons and couldn’t be persuaded to stay here.  We do not know if they are now at a village school or are just ‘sitting at home’.

The reasons kids drop out of Ugandan schools are manifold – family economics, perceived quality of education standards at the school (eg building falling apart, too many kids in class, poor toilets) girls periods not catered for, no lunch, too far to walk, parents wanting kids to stay at home and work… and so on. We try to cover all those issues … that’s the beauty of our holistic programme and why we have all these different departments (social welfare, business start-ups and health) alongside the education departments. However, even with all of our efforts, we’ve still got 2% of parents/guardians taking their children out of school. 

In the UK, the reasons kids stay in primary school are:

1) that’s the law and the UK has a great legal system to uphold it,

2) an NHS to help with free healthcare of the child from immunisation to hospitalisation to drugs, to whatever they need,

3) social services to help guide wayward parents,

4) social benefits system to help struggling parents pay for uniforms, lunches, etc,

5) Enough schools are placed locally to where children live,

6) a long history of valuing education which trickles down from generation to generation… what a fantastic legacy!

Uganda has none of the above. That’s why we’re here and trying to do all of the above.

You can help us maintain this quality of education by any of the following ways:
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