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Family support

Child of Hope continues to positively impact the lives of some of the Namatala slum community’s most desperate and impoverished families through the family support programme. Here are some recent milestones:

Re-sttled family 2.jpgDisaster interventions

In 2016, 25 Child of Hope families, whose grass roofed mud huts were burnt down during arson attacks, were assisted in the rebuilding of their houses, or relocated to a safer place (pictured) and provided with rent covering up to 6 month’s accommodation (in Uganda, it is common to have to pay anything between 3 and 6 month’s initial rent upfront, something that is near impossible for many impoverished families). Families that lost most or all of their belongings were also provided with new basic household items.

Timely assistance

In the 12 months up to February 2017, the following assistances have also been given:

  • Rent payment: 40 families have been assisted in terms of payment of rent to the landlord 
  • Health care services: 125 families are currently receiving direct medical care support through the programme
  • Interment support: 13 families have been compassionately assisted when they lost their loved ones
  • Hunger support: 17 families are receiving food support since 2016 when drought persisted and shortage of food affected the poorest of our community.


The community support program provides strong advice and advocacy for the otherwise voiceless poor people in Namatala Community. 

Land disputes mediation

In 2016, three families were helped to regain the rights over their land, which had been grabbed from them by some powerful people.

Family conflict arbitration

In January 2017, two families have been reunited.