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Many of our sponsors get huge pleasure from communicating with their child in Uganda, and we encourage this for the positive benefits to the child in terms of contact with the wider world. 

There are however potential problems when writing direct to children in Africa; firstly the postal system is very open to abuse and letters from the UK rarely arrive. We overcome that in a couple of ways:

  1. Write a letter and send it to the CoH UK office, and it will be sent with the next visitor to Uganda from this area.
  2. Write a letter, scan it and e-mail it to the UK office, which then arranges it to be printed in Uganda and presented to the child. Or simply send us an e-mail for us to forward.

A second problem comes when contact details are shown in the letter/e-mail, which can result in future requests for help/money from the child or even members of his family. So please don't include an email address, phone number or postal addresses in the body of your text or letter. Communications to you from your child will always come via the UK office for the same reason.

Please keep the content fairly simple and avoid reference to any luxuries we enjoy in the west. Remember your child probably lives in a tiny mud brick home without electricity and running water, has few clothes and probably no toys. But all this means he is especially excited to hear from you!

We have more information on this...e-mail our sponsorship co-ordinator and request 'Sponsors’ Information Sheet No.1'.

Sending gifts

Sending an actual gift is subject to the same problems as sending a letter, which can result in long delays waiting for a visitor to take it for you.

A better option all round is to send a small amount of money to the UK office (by online donation, cheque or bank transfer) clearly marked for its purpose. Maybe drop us an e-mail to confirm. We will ensure it is spent by our Ugandan staff on something useful but fun, specifically for your child, often taking a photo at the time for you to enjoy later.

We recommend only sending around £5, or up to £10 if you’d like something to be given to the family too. The money goes a long way!