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There isn’t an effective welfare system operating in the Namatala slum. To combat this for the families of our pupils, we have developed a welfare team of our own, which regularly works around Namatala to pick up absentees from school and act as a kind of mini-social service and counselling system for the families. In addition, we have an IGA (Income Generating Activity) team which works specifically with the parents to help improve their skills and income… and it’s entirely funded by us. Our social work and IGA teams have salaries ranging between £30 to £70 per month.

Actually, it is proving extremely effective through a series of programmes:

  • Regular home visits for children,
  • Business training for parents,
  • Grants for parents to start businesses,
  • Business mentoring for parents,
  • Savings scheme for parents,
  • Specific training sessions for parents/guardians (health, literacy, parenting skills)
  • Advocating child and women rights.

Read more about our welfare team...

Social work and IGA team sponsorship involves funding part of our field staff’s salary – as much as you prefer, starting at £10 per month.

Three options to sign up for social worker sponsorship:

1. STANDING ORDER or ONLINE BANKING REGULAR PAYMENTS: Click here to download our sponsorship formFor online banking, you'll find our bank details here. This way, every penny of your donation reaches our work in Uganda.

paypal-logo.png2. PAYPAL: Ideal for sponsors resident outside the UK. To set up a regular from your credit or debit card through Paypal... click the logo and follow the simple set-up instructions.

donate_dd_purple.gif3. JUSTGIVING: If you would prefer to set up your monthly sponsorship online through JustGiving, please click here