Teaching staff sponsorship


The Child of Hope school currently has 15 teachers in its nursery and primary departments, with salaries currently ranging from £50 to £90 per month. We say currently, because the inflation rate in Uganda means prices are rising almost weekly. As the school expands, we will employ more and more teachers. Virtually without exception, they are all residents of the slum - some are displaced people from the north of the country, who bring with them the skills we need.

Teacher or teacher's assistant (TA) sponsorship involves funding part of a salary - as much as you prefer, starting at £10 per month.


With your help, we can continue to provide a high-quality education in the middle of terrible poverty. And at the same time, provide a good job, with long-term prospects, to some wonderful people who have suffered horrific experiences.In turn, because of their income they are able to help their own families who are also very poor. Employing one teacher has a big impact, not just on the children they teach, but on their families and communities.




Three options to sign up for teacher or TA sponsorship:

 Click here to download our 
sponsorship formFor online banking, you'll find our bank details here. This way, every penny of your donation reaches our work in Uganda.

paypal-logo.png2. PAYPAL: Ideal for sponsors resident outside the UK. To set up a regular from your credit or debit card through Paypal... click the logo and follow the simple set-up instructions.

donate_dd_purple.gif3. JUSTGIVING: If you would prefer to set up your monthly sponsorship online through JustGiving, please click here