Churches: mission opportunities

Help_Int_2.jpgThere are lots of mission opportunities for churches and organisations at Child of Hope in Uganda. We are regularly visited by church leaders and mission teams, to give their people some first-hand experience of the developing world, and even to develop their leadership skills. They get involved with our Christian school in the heart of the huge Namatala slum, outreaches in the slum, local churches and crusades. 

We arrange safe and pleasant accomodation during the whole trip, and have strong connections with local churches of various denominations: Anglican, Pentecostal and non-denominational. 

We offer long-term relationships with UK churches, with regular and effective communication and clear benefits on both sides. We have a blend of cultures (UK and African) and our foundation of faith is strong and in line with most denominations. We are also an Elim-approved organisation.

If you’d like to explore a missions relationship with Child of Hope, please e-mail us and we can chat it through. There are also regular opportunities to meet Bex and Moses in the UK.

And there's more information about getting involved with Child of Hope here.