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Volunteers in UK and Ireland


As an expanding charity, we need help in UK and Ireland – there are always things to be done!

Volunteering with Child of Hope means a lot. For you... you will be participating in a venture that will change the lives of thousands of African children for the better. This isn’t a fluffy attempt to do something nice – it is giving real people a real future. The impact is awesome.

And for Child of Hope… every volunteer that helps us in our work contributes enormously to our goals. They speed our outcomes, feeding into our objectives to improve integrity, hope and life for a huge amount of people. So… would you like to join the team?

Our UK office is based in Dorset, so some jobs need to take place near there, but there are others that can be handled from pretty much anywhere. Our Irish team is based in Dublin and are interested in hearing especially from people with ideas for fundraising.

In the first place, please e-mail us with details of what interests you and your contact details, and we will get back in touch with you.

• Could you do a sponsored event or a fundraiser for Child of Hope? See our fundraisers page.

• Or maybe contact your local school to provide it with a global/cultural link with the Child of Hope School?

• Could you tell your church leader about Child of Hope and see if it could become involved?

• How about obtaining a speaking engagement for Bex or Moses with your friends/family or business organisation?

• Or promote us social media... share and like us on facebook, retweet on twitter.

The ideas are endless!