Near Mbale there’s a slum area called Namatala, where survivors from years of strife in the north – mostly people from the formerly-opposing Karamajong and Tesso tribes – struggle to make ends meet.


In February 2008 we started a nursery school with free places for desperately poor kids from the slum. After building and opening our own nursery and primary school in 2011 (the equivilent of the UK's First and Middle school), we have opened a second and third level to the premises in the heart of the slum. It provides free education for 436 nursery and primary children from the poorest families in Namatala, and will expand to eventually take 500 children. A further 42 children are sponsored at nearby state secondary schools. Why is education so important for slum kids? Click here...


As part of our support to the children with whom we are working, we provide them with free healthcare and medical services, bathing soap and other personal items, and shoes and clothes.  We also provide them with sleeping mats, blankets and mosquito nets.  We have built 12 pit latrines in the community and carried out various repairs works on accommodations. We also provide practical teaching on health issues and have carried out a health outreach to the entire community.

Food and drink

All of the children at our Nursery School are provided with a breakfast.  We also provide a cooked meal at lunch time to all of the children that we are supporting at Primary School and those children at Nursery School who are especially needy.

Social welfare

We’re very proud of our ground-breaking social welfare support system. Our team carries out regular home visits on all our children and offers their families free social care, numeracy/literacy training, family planning and health awareness that includes sanitation and hygiene, road safety and malaria control. As a result, mortality rates are being reduced, while sanitation and hygiene are dramatically improved. And our pupils get the chance to continue their studies through difficult times that would normally ruin their chances to pursue an education. More...


Parents (mostly mums) are provided wih free basic business and financial training and then given a one-off grant to start their business... then encouraged to attend weekly support sessions to ensure the business prospers. More...


We provide the children at school with spiritual nourishment, through telling them of God's love for them, encouragement, nurture, worship and daily prayer.

... and more:

At-risk children's home

HIV/AIDS and malaria

Road safety

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Guidance and counselling


You can download a PDF report of the work we do... click here

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