Guidance and counselling

Uganda-33.jpegWe offer this wherever we find children that have suffered at the hands of other people. Or just life.

During guidance and counselling sessions many children discover hope, forgiveness and the love of God. We help them with issues such as:

  • Domestic abuse from relatives (especially stepmothers)
  • Peer pressure to take part in premarital sex
  • Other sexual issues and cross-generation sex
  • Death of parents or loved ones

Damaged children need to know it is not their fault their parents died, or that they have been abused. We tell them stories of people who have gone through similar circumstances and who now lead a normal life. And we combat false impressions and outright lies that have produced devastating results in children's lives in the past.

And in the process we also cover issues such as personal hygiene and general life skills to help prepare them for a positive future. It’s good stuff.