HIV/AIDS and malaria awareness

Uganda-13.jpegHIV/AIDS and malaria are major killers throughout Africa - and Uganda is no exception. An estimated 110,000 children are living with HIV/AIDS and over a million children have been orphaned due to AIDS/HIV in Uganda. (UNAIDS/WHO 2006 Report on the global AIDS epidemic), so COHO Uganda carries out HIV/AIDS awareness campaigns reaching thousands of children every year. 

We visit schools, hospitals and churches to educate children with true facts and figures and how they can break out of peer pressure which can lead them to a wasted life.

Children are encouraged to abstain from sex until marriage, and to help them we give out pledge forms to children who decide to live this way. We want children to maintain their virginity as an issue of pride today and to their future spouses. And to see the need to remain faithful after marriage.

Most NGOs and charities working with this problem in Uganda aim for teenagers; we work with children from as young as the age of five.