Road safety awareness

Uganda-23.jpegRoad safety is a big issue in Uganda. The Injury Control Centre Uganda reports:

"According to ICCU community surveys, the top three causes of severe injuries among urban children less than 20 years in Uganda are traffic (46%), falls (14%) and burns (11%). In Uganda, about 400 children die, and about 1200 are seriously injured on our roads every year (Transport Research Laboratory, 2004). According to hospital trauma registries in Uganda, children aged 5-15 years are the second to the adults 25-44 years most affected age group in injury cases. By occupation, school children top the list of the group most likely to be injured.

 “Uganda has a population of about 27 million people, and more than 50% of them are under the age of fifteen, however, this age group is likely to be wiped out if nothing is done to control the childhood injuries. Since most of the childhood injuries are preventable, Safety Promotion is one of the strategies to safeguard the lives of our children."

 A lot of children play by the side of the road, without any real understanding of the dangers. So they get hurt. Or die. Every day.

COHO Uganda carries out road safety awareness campaigns to thousands of children in primary schools and churches around Mbale, teaching children to understand and observe road traffic regulations in order to stay safe and alive.

Whenever possible, we extend the advice to parents in the hope they will train their own children.

And the good news is... there has been a massive reduction in RTAs involving children in the town since we started this work. So we’re keeping it up.