Agnes perseveres through difficulties

Agnes.jpegAgnes lives in a small mud hut with her husband and seven children in the slums of Namatala. Her business was selling chenga (half-rice) – that's the pieces of rice that are removed as inedible when rice is sorted at the factory. It is a staple part of the diet of many people living in the slum.

Her husband was unable to support the family and she was feeling pressured as they were all looking at her to be the breadwinner. Eventually, the business collapsed due to a lack of business skills. But after attending our business training course, Agnes understood where she had gone wrong before and felt confident that she could make the business work this time. We therefore provided her with a business grant, which enabled her to buy around 50 kilos of chenga and restart her business.

She started her new business in 2011. She takes her chenga to the nearby market and sells it in quantities of ‘cups’ to local residents. She has also regained her old regular customers. She sells around 30 to 40 cups every day – that’s around 100 kilos of chenga every week.

Through her hard work and endurance, despite having to cope with extremely high food prices and other seasonal difficulties, the business is flourishing and enabling her to provide for and sustain the whole family. We continue to meet with her every week to mentor her and together overcome any problems that occur with her business.

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