Lucy is revitalised with business training

Previously Lucy had a small charcoal-selling business and was running that successfully. But after her husband left them, she gradually used up all the capital on meeting the family’s needs and the business failed. She went to the streets looking for casual work and picking thrown away food from the gutters to try and support the family. Things looked hopeless.

We invited her on our business training course, after which she was very keen to restart the charcoal selling business and was confident, with her new knowledge, of now making a big success of it.

With a grant of around £20, Lucy purchased two sacks of charcoal in May 2012 and started working extremely hard. After a couple of months, things were going so well that she decided to also start to buy and sell maize flour. We strongly encourage the idea of multiple businesses as there are seasonal factors at play with many of the businesses in Namatala.

She is now selling about two and a half sacks of charcoal every week. She uses some of her profits to meet the needs at home and always puts some into her savings book. In fact, within two months of starting her work, Lucy had managed to make savings of around £20.

We continue to stand alongside her to help and encourage her – and she is doing very well. She has a dream of being able to buy a piece of land one day so that she can construct her own home and grow her own food.

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