No more begging for young mum


Her restaurant may not look much by Western standards - the cooking is done outdoors, as is the dining - but the impact of the business has been enormous for 35 year-old Oliver and her family of three children.

She said: “It has helped me to acquire basic needs for my family – things such as food, clothes, shelter and medication. Before, my life was hopeless and miserable. I was begging for a living and depending on people’s help to survive.

My life has changed so much. I no longer get stressed and worry about how to eat and sleep. May God bless Child of Hope.”

During 2012 Oliver became very ill and was unable to work for some months. However, the savings that she had made from her business helped her and the family to survive during this period and thankfully she has now recovered. Undeterred, she immediately restarted her work and the business was soon flourishing again.

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