Social Impact: Education

The result has been stunning… the fallout rate of children leaving our school is less than 1%... a lot better than the national 47%. So huge thanks to our amazing supporters – you are clearly impacting a lot of children!

The reasons kids drop out of Ugandan schools are manifold – family economics, perceived quality of education standards at the school (e.g. building falling apart, too many kids in class, poor toilets), girls' periods not catered for, no lunch, too far to walk, parents wanting kids to stay at home and work… and so on. We try to cover all those issues… that’s the beauty of our holistic programme and why we have all these different departments (social welfare, business start-ups and health) alongside the education departments.

In the UK, the reasons children stay in primary school are:

1) Full-time education is compulsory,

2) The NHS helps with free healthcare, including immunisation, hospitalisation, medication... whatever they need,

3) Social services to support children and families when pupils are experiencing difficulties in school or welfare issues are disrupting a child's education,

4) Social benefits system to help struggling parents pay for uniforms, lunches, etc,

5) Schools are available locally to where children live or free school transport may be possible,

6) A long history of valuing education which trickles down from generation to generation… what a fantastic legacy!

However, Uganda has none of these. That’s why we’re here and trying to do all we can to give a high-quality education to as many slum children as possible.

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