Why support us?

We have our own people 'on the ground' in Uganda, and all donations are transferred directly to Child of Hope Uganda's bank (not via any Government body)... so our funds are not affected by corruption.

School staff, builders… virtually everyone we hire lives in the slum area we serve. And we work with local traders and use locally-produced goods (food, uniforms, furniture, etc). So, not only does your money go to help our children, it also helps community members, local business owners and their families. Everybody wins!

Virtually none of the children in our school would have previously gone to school, as they come from the poorest and most vulnerable families only. But now they are achieving high grades, with hugely-increased literacy and numeracy skills, so their future job prospects are much higher. They are climbing much higher than their previously-expected future of crime, begging, prostitution and abject poverty.

After helping to set them up with small businesses, mums become able to pay their rent, buy food and educate their other children. The process also raises the status of women, who traditionally lack financial independence and therefore a voice in family decision-making.

We provide our pupils with free healthcare and medical services, bathing soap and other personal items, and shoes and clothes. We also provide them with sleeping mats, blankets and mosquito nets. We have built 12 pit latrines in the community and carried out various repairs works on accommodations. We also provide practical teaching on health issues and have carried out a health outreach to the entire community.

Regular home visits on all our children produces free social care for their families, including numeracy/literacy training, family planning and health awareness that includes sanitation and hygiene, road safety and malaria control. As a result, mortality rates are being reduced, while sanitation and hygiene are dramatically improved.