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Give and Learn Day

Participate in an exciting FREE educational sponsorship day for UK Primary schools - Give and Learn Day!

 Join us on Friday 27th September 2024, or choose your own date for the event. Embrace the rich cultural heritage of Uganda by teaching and learning Ugandan style, whilst raising funds for the education of underprivileged Ugandan students. 

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Funds raised from your sponsorships will go towards educational resources for Child of Hope schools in Uganda. Last year, thanks to the amazing GAL Day fundraising efforts, we purchased much-needed sports and music equipment and toys for our Primary and Nursery schools in Mbale (click here for details).

Give and Learn Day - an exciting day for UK Primary Schools

What’s included?

          • Lesson plans and activities
          • Videos for lessons
          • Sponsorship forms - for each participating student to take home
          • Posters to promote the event
          • Certificate for the noticeboard

New For 2024:

COMING SOON — This year we will be adding a new dance and song to our resources area, and new videos will be available.

Event Highlights:

Immerse in Ugandan Culture: From learning traditional Ugandan dances to speaking in Kiswahili - Give and Learn Day promises a culturally immersive experience going beyond the classroom.

Sponsorship for Learning: By asking your pupils to get sponsored for participating in Give and Learn Day, you contribute to a powerful cause. Your support helps underprivileged Ugandan children access education.

Comprehensive Lesson Plans: Thoughtfully crafted plans cover various subjects and age groups, ensuring your students engage with meaningful content throughout the day.

Hands-On Activities: From making necklaces out of paper to using plants to solve maths problems - students will delve into hands-on activities that promote creativity, teamwork, and cultural appreciation.

Technology-Free Learning: Give and Learn Day encourages students to rediscover the joy of learning without the distractions of modern technology. It's a day of genuine connections and real-world experiences.


Lessons and Resources

Primary lessons are broken down into EYFS, KS1 and KS2, with video instructions included.

We do not have many resources to help teach at Child of Hope, so no expensive equipment will be required! The teachers try to use objects found in the environment to support teaching, as well as games, songs, dance and oral storytelling. Examples and instructions are clearly laid out in the Give and Learn Day resource section (click below).

How do we join in?

Please decide on a date, and let us know that your school will be participating on the form below. Have fun, and don’t forget to send us any donations collected on the day!

*Please note that we cannot accept any donations of physical items due to the transportation costs involved in sending items to Uganda. All money raised will go towards resources, equipment and the education of Child of Hope children in our schools in Uganda.

Donations from the fundraising day can be paid directly into our bank account:

A/C: 91406094      Sort Code: 40-15-27    Name: Child of Hope    Reference: Give and Learn

Alternatively, please visit our special page on JustGiving to make a card payment (click below). Thanks so much for your support!

Link with us

If you're interested in developing a partnership between your school and our schools in Uganda, please reach out to our education advisor, Lucy Swift, at lucy.swift@childofhopeuganda.org. More details can be found on our schools page here.