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Christmas party appeal is going strong

Posted on December 12, 2017

2017 COH xmas appeal V3.png

42%.pngA huge 'thank you' to everyone who has donated to our children's slum Christmas party appeal – we're well on the way to organising an amazing event with gifts, a slap-up meal and clothes each. The kids love this annual event, putting on lots of dances and drama... it goes on for hours!

We have reached 42% of our £3,200 goal... the party costs roughly £4 per child, and there will also be a parent each, plus local VIPs.

If you've not yet had a chance to donate, please could you help us? Just £4 will pay for a child... but feel free to give more! Clicking either picture will take you to our JustGiving page to donate safely online by credit/debit card – but if you prefer you can donate by Paypal, by online banking or by cheque.

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Love Came Down

Posted on December 11, 2017

Love_came_down_cover.pngThe children from Child of Hope school feature on a new Christmas song, recorded this October by Alistair Goudie during his visit to the school… and you can listen to it here!

The children sing on a whole EP of seven of Alistair’s songs which you can listen to for free – and if you like it, it’s also available for download for £5 to raise funds for Child of Hope. 

He said: “I had a lot of fun doing music in the school with the children and we recorded 7 songs. I spent an hour with each primary class, then I had an hour with all the primary kids to record the Love Came Down track with my backing through the PA. I am pleased with the results we achieved in the short space of time.

“I spent a few inspiring days in October leading music workshops with primary classes 1-6 at Child of Hope School. They sing so well, full of joy and life and you will hear them playing percussion on some tracks too. 

“The title track Love Came Down is one of my Christmas songs specially re-arranged for this recording. The whole primary school sang along with the backing track for this song, doing such a great job in a short space of time. 

“The other tracks are a mix of the children singing songs they already knew and me helping them create spontaneous songs in the workshops. All the songs were recorded simply, then I added and edited parts when I returned to the UK. 

“Please buy this album and encourage others to buy it too. All the proceeds are going back to help Child of hope School, whose only income is through charity donations. This free school continues to make an awesome difference to the on-going transformation of Namatala. Thanks for your support.”

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Posted on December 2, 2017

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2017 COH xmas appeal V3.png

Let's give a party to 550 slum children in Uganda who could normally never 'do' Christmas!

Living in such extreme poverty, children of the Namatala slum don't know what it is to receive gifts and have a slap-up meal and fun at Christmas... but with your help, the children at our school can!

We lay on a wonderful meal - probably the only day of the year they get real meat – for all the children at our slum school, plus a parent and a brother/sister for each child. There's fizzy pop, sweets, clothes, shoes and presents, too!

So, could you please help us pay for this year's party? Just £4 – or more if you like – will help us give everyone a Christmas to remember! Thank you!

Clicking the picture above will take you to our page on JustGiving to donate.
If you prefer, you can pay by Paypal: click here
Or to pay by online banking or cheque: click here

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Fostering expands

Posted on November 27, 2017

Foster kids and parents.JPG

We have now placed 18 of our orphaned or vulnerable school children in a total of 11 foster homes, offering a better environment for some of the children who couldn't live with their own immediate or extended families. The picture shows many of the children and parents involved. 

In this slum, a lot of children are unable to live in a happy and loving environment with their biological parents. Some are orphans, some lose their parents through sickness or abandonment, and some are abused at home.

We are committed to seeing more of the children in our children’s home find suitable foster families because – along with the Ugandan Government – we believe this is the best way for these children to grow and flourish.

Fostering or caring for someone outside their own wider family or clan is pretty much unheard of in Uganda… so for our foster parents, this has also been a very new experience and some had to overcome ideas that the foster children would just be a burden and bring difficulty to the family. But now they are reporting very positive changes - transformations in many cases - of the children in their care. They are happier, show improved health and have better motivation in studying at school.

So, we continue to work to encourage more members of the community to become foster parents and to raise money to pay families who are currently fostering to cover the extra costs involved in taking in an extra child.

If you’d like to help us, please click here to donate.

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JustCards Christmas.jpg

With Christmas coming up fast, you can buy Christian-themed cards and gifts from JustCards Direct… which gives part of their proceeds to Child of Hope! They sell cards, gift sets, colouring books, postcards, mugs, keyrings and all sorts of things. Check them out on

 If you purchase items, don't forget to select Child of Hope as your chosen charity... thanks!

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We have water again!

Posted on November 15, 2017


Wow, our taps are flowing with water again… after a month without any! Water supply generally is a bit hit and miss, but our school isn’t even on the mains supply, unlike other buildings in Mbale – and our taps literally ran dry for a whole month. 

Our toilets had no water… and our kitchen had no water. Lunch each day was in danger of being served late, which would have interrupted lessons.

So, we organised buying water from the town taps and transported it to school in jerrycans on a motorcycle (below)… this went on for the whole period!






Water shortage.3529.jpg

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Examination time

Posted on November 9, 2017

Primary leaving Exam.jpg

Primary leaving exams (PLE) took place last week; this was Child of Hope’s third year of primary children preparing to move up to secondary school. If they pass this exam they can go on to secondary school; if not we will train them with vocational skills and possibly find apprenticeships.

Child of Hope children have done really well in the last two years in PLE, which is evidently attracting a bit of positive interest from government officials and other schools.

Pictured are our children (in blue) receiving their examination IDs after marching to nearby Yoweri Primary School, which is licensed to carry out PLE. On that day they started with mathematics at 9am, then science in the afternoon.   

The results won’t be known for a while, but we’ll let you know how they get on!

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Bakery dream to reality

Posted on November 6, 2017

Amina bakery 35.jpeg

Within a year, one single mother’s dream of having her own bakery business has become the means of supporting her large family. 

Amina bakery 28.jpegAfter attending business training with Child of Hope, Amina received a small IGA grant. Through determination and her own initiative, she secured a further top-up loan that enabled her to construct an oven and even employ other people.  

Now Amina’s home-made bread, cakes, doughnuts and crisps are in high demand within the local community. With the support of IGA staff she saves money regularly and is already providing for most of her family’s needs,with a sharp improvement in living standards. They are eating better and Amina is now able to afford the regular medical bills that are inevitable when a large number of children are living in a slum.

If you’d like to help mums start their own business to rise up from the worst extremes of slum poverty, please click here.

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We grew that!

Posted on October 26, 2017

Child of Hope rice (7).jpg

Child of Hope grows rice on a plot of land adjacent to the school, and it is particularly used for feeding the children at the Christmas party.

These are staff members Florence, Roger and Simon spreading some recently-picked rice onto plastic sheets in front of the school. It is is left outside for about a week to dry, then it will be threshed.


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