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Child of Hope Uganda needs friends, donors and sponsors for children, teaching staff, food, welfare and healthcare. Would you like to jo
in us helping some of the poorest children in Africa? Here are some ways that you as an individual can do it!  

1. Will you pray for us? E-mail us and we’ll keep you up-to-date with our news... or if you attend a church that prays for missions, would they consider adding Child of Hope to their prayer requests?

2. Tell people about us... like us on facebook... get hold of some of our free resources and give them to your friends and work colleagues...

3. Send a one-off donation. You can do this online at our donation shop...

4. Give regularly. Extremely helpful to us! Click here.Child of Hope ad.jpg

5. Sponsor a child’s education... or a teacher, or food, healthcare or a social worker...from just £5 per month. Click here.

6. Come to Uganda and work with us for a few weeks… or up to two years. Individuals and church groups are welcome. Whatever your skills or passion, talk to us and see if we can use you! Click here for details...

7. Fundraising… click here for details...

8. Fund a project... click here for details...

9. Volunteer in the UK or Ireland... click here for details...

10. Promote us social media... share and like us on facebook, retweet on twitter.

11. Buy your greetings cards (Christmas, birthdays, etc) from Just Cards Direct which will give us 10% of the sale value.

12. Switch your utilities or telephone to Utilities Warehouse... and they will donate 5% each month... more

13. Sell your unwanted stuff on eBay.

14. Sell or scrap an old car - and donate the value to us! It's easily done through Giveacar!

Any of these will help us enormously... thank you! Please feel free to contact us to talk about how you could help.

To view a summary of what we do, you can download a pdf here.


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