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Our social impact is huge… reaching past the child to their whole family and wider into the community. Please see our social impact page for more detail. By providing a quality education, welfare service, healthcare, clothing and food – all free – these children can avoid the most likely outcomes of slum-dwelling – which are abject poverty, scavenging on rubbish tips, ill-health, corruption, crime and prostitution.

Instead, the enhanced potential for our children is vast:
• they can confidently enter work and the business world with IT and practical skills,
• they will be fully trained in literacy and numeracy, speaking/writing fluent English (the business language of Uganda),
• they will be fully-trained in our ethos of integrity.

You can engage with Child of Hope at all kinds of level from one-off donations to regular support and a working partnership. From capital projects like construction work for new schools… through sponsoring teachers or welfare workers – or helping mums start a business – to donating to food and welfare provision or tools for vocational training. Your involvement can be at any level you like, and we could tailor-make a programme in UK or Uganda that will match your employees’ skills to help those in need. 

Please contact us if you would like a no-commitment discussion about a potential involvement… on (01202) 697201 or e-mail us. Thanks!

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Programmes you could sponsor:

We are keen to start businesses of our own, from which profits will go towards sustaining our child-focussed programmes. For example, we currently grow and harvest rice from a donation we received to purchase land, and from another donation we hire out three taxi motorcycles to raise an income. We have other ideas for business which can be sponsored… let’s talk!

We want parents to be able to support their children at home, so we provide small start-up grants and business advice to parents that have shown they will be capable of running their own small businesses. Sponsor this project and directly impact the local economy of each family and of Namatala. Read more about our business start-ups...

By sponsoring our health programme you can directly impact children’s BMI, reduce infectious diseases, improve hygiene and sanitation, increase attendance records… and in many cases, save their lives.

Our locally-employed, fully qualified welfare team visits children at home who are under threat of neglect. This is a vital and unique part of our programme that ensures each Child of Hope child has the best chance for the future. Sponsor this project and impact the lives of the most vulnerable.

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