Corporate: Get involved

Our social impact is huge… reaching past the child to their family and wider into the community. By providing free quality education, welfare service, healthcare, clothing and food – these children can avoid the most likely outcomes of slum-dwelling – abject poverty, ill health and crime. The selection of pupils is based on poverty and vulnerability, not religion or tribe. Our small business scheme enables mothers to financially support their whole family.

Our children will:

• be able to confidently enter work and the business world with IT and practical skills,

• be fully trained in literacy and numeracy, speaking/writing fluent English (the business language of Uganda),

• continue to demonstrate our ethos of integrity.

You can engage with Child of Hope at any level, from one-off donations to regular support and a working partnership. You can choose to support capital projects or to sponsor one of our programmes e.g. micro business, welfare, healthcare, food or vocational training. We are able to offer a tailor-made programme in the UK or Uganda that will match your employees’ skills to help those in need. We are also hoping to increase our Child of Hope income-generating activities, from which profits will go towards sustaining our other programmes – e.g. we currently grow and harvest rice from a donation we received to purchase land. 

Please contact us if you would like a no-commitment discussion about a potential involvement.

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