Business start-ups

As part of our Family Support team, our IGA staff provide free basic business and financial training and then a one-off grant to start the businesses... then follow up with weekly support sessions to help the business prosper.

The parents we work with mainly come from Namatala slum situated on the outskirts of Mbale town, many of whom are internally displaced persons (IDPs) and have for decades lived on handouts and begging for food on the streets. 99% of the direct beneficiaries of the IGA programmes are female, since one of the aims of transformational development is the economic empowerment of women.

We enable these women to start businesses ranging from selling charcoal and rice to running local-style restaurants and produce stalls at the local market. As a direct result, their lives – and the lives of their children – are changing for the better.

The process also raises the status of women who traditionally lack financial independence and therefore a voice in family decision-making.

To read facts and figures of the social impact of our IGA work... click here.

• Would you like to help sponsor our IGA provision? Start-up business sponsorship for mums is £15 per month.

• Or you could make a single donation of £15 to help us to provide grants and business and financial training with ongoing support from our staff...

These are some of the ladies who have benefited from our IGA scheme:
Harriet  |  Jennifer  |  Angela & Laira  |  Mary  |  Harriet  |  Alice  |  Jane  |  Jennifer  |  Yudesi  |  Elizabeth