Trades Aid

By doing so, you will be helping us to hire skilled workers such as carpenters, painters, builders, welders, plumbers and electricians to handle our essential upkeep and new projects.

There’s more… farmers and agricultural businesses could help us buy seed and equipment for Child of Hope agriculture projects that provide food for our pupils and hard-up families. Whatever your trade... could you help us?

It would create a partnership where mutually-skilled workers can work to produce excellent results, which would raise esteem and confidence in fruitful ways that help enormously with poverty alleviation.

What it would mean:

• Give a monthly donation from your business income or even a one-off gift. Regular giving would enable us to establish an on-going sustained budget for the upkeep and maintenance of buildings.

• You might even enjoy video conversations with local Ugandan tradesmen working on CoH property offering support and guidance.

• Perhaps make a video showing a particular skill or method that would solve a problem for our team?

Experienced tradesmen cost around £5 a day in Uganda, so you can see how far your UK donation will stretch.