Our less academic, more practical pupils are learning vocational skills that will set them up for jobs in the future. Check out our short video (just 36 seconds long) where students are learning to cook a much-loved Ugandan snack called chapati*.

Alongside normal classroom lessons, these children are building life skills like carpentry, cookery, art and crafts and hairdressing. We call it our P8 class.

Children selected for P8 join from school years P4 and P5 and spend a year learning skills in a new programme that will lead to better opportunities in vocational colleges. Teachers and instructors patiently teach them with a positive outlook on life and a strong hope for future work in a country where unemployment for young people is high (the unemployment rate for young people in Uganda ages 15–24 is 83%, according to the World Bank), and worse in slum areas. 

A big part of that problem is the general lack of vocational skills needed for the jobs that are in demand for workers. On top of that, some youth have negative views on certain jobs so they are unwilling to take them, even if offered a position. 

The cycle of youth unemployment is recognised as posing a serious political, economic, and social challenge to the country and is making it increasingly difficult for Uganda to break out of poverty.

Meanwhile at Child of Hope School, P8 class morale is always high as the boys and girls enjoy the bonus of new skills and the hope that comes with them.

* Chapati ingredients include wheat flour, salt, onions and cooking oil.

Vocational P8 crafts 1.jpeg