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Lucy is the education advisor at Child of Hope in Uganda. When Lucy first came to Uganda 11 years ago she met Peace and became her sponsor. Peace was only 4 and in baby class — she is now 15 and has just started at our secondary school. We love these 'then and now' photos of them both!

Lucy says, 'I feel so fortunate to have Peace in my life and proud of the young lady she has become.'

Peace also wanted to tell her story, 'I have been sponsored from my childhood and I have been provided with free education from nursery to now. I am now in secondary. Whenever I felt sick, I was given free medication. I am still sponsored by my beloved sponsor up to now. I am grateful for all she has done for me. I had never celebrated my birthday, but Aunty Lucy was the first person who helped me to celebrate. I thank her for caring and being there for me and my family. I love her so much.'

When you sponsor a child with us you are their only sponsor. Our children love to write to their sponsors and tell them all about their lives. We would love all our children to have sponsors! To find out more please click here. Thank you!