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Apolithia, a seven-year-old pupil at our Karamoja Nursery, lives with her grandmother and sister after her mother's passing three years ago.

During a recent home visit, the welfare team discovered their house in disrepair, with a rotten grass roof, crumbling walls, and fleas causing jiggers in Apolithia's feet. Child of Hope stepped in to support them, providing a new thatched roof, plastering the walls (who knew that a mixture of mud, cow dung and water can prevent fleas?!), and furnishing them with mattresses, bedding, and blankets for better sleep. These improvements promise better health for the whole family. Apolithia's grandmother is so happy to have a much safer and more comfortable home.

Sponsoring welfare support at Child of Hope starts from £10 per month. Click here to find out more.

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