Back on her feet


But after successfully undertaking our business training and submitting a business plan, we provided her with a grant of about £25 to start up a ‘restaurant’ or eating place outside her house.

In the restaurant, she sells cooked matooke (savoury bananas) or cassava to accompany goat meat for her customers. These are currently her neighbours and others who have heard about her. However, she hopes that her customers will increase as news spreads of the opening of the restaurant.

The new business soon helped her meet all the needs of her family and life improved from previously. Every week, she brings money to Child of Hope for savings and is starting to think about the future for her family.

We visit her at home and at work every week to see how she is managing and are happy to see that she is a hard-working lady and that the business is flourishing well. She hopes that, with time, she will be able to rebuild her semi-permanent house and make it a permanent structure.

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